Monday, September 30, 2013

Hidden Beach + Okinawan Food

Friday started out wonderfully. I woke up and worked on the house and relaxed all day. It was the first day in quite awhile that I have just sat for more than 30 minutes. I also decided I couldn't go another minute without trying out our bathtub.

It was glorious

Friday evening we met our sponsors for all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ. These types of restaurants are very popular on the island. It was tons of food and very delicious. You even got to cook your meet in the center of the table. It was a fun meal! 

Saturday we went on quite the adventure. If you follow me on instagram, you got a little sneak peek of what we were up to. Basically, I sit on my computer and research interesting things about Okinawa. When I find something fun, I tell Jake to hop in the car and we head on our way. Just south of us is a bridge to a couple of beautiful islands. I had found a GPS coordinate to a "hidden beach" so of course I was all over that. Jake had told me he wanted to do some 4wheelin' in his "new" safari wagon, so I delivered. We drove onto the island and then pulled off onto a little dirt road. The road winded around for awhile and then took us to a cliff. The view was gorgeous! We were seriously in awe with the blues and greens of the water. Then, we drove back the way we came and found the road down to the beach. We were 4wheelin' through bushes on a teeny tiny dirt road. We turned the corner, and there it was, the glorious Pacific ocean. We had this little tiny beach all to ourselves. There was coral, shells, and beach glass every step you took. We picked up tons of stuff to add to our collection. It was seriously the perfect moment in time. The only thing that could have made it better was if it wasn't so cloudy. 

The biggest waves we've ever seen

Our "safari wagon"

just doing some 4wheelin'

"hidden beach"

After this beach, we explored the rest of the islands. We drove around, looked at pretty beaches, beautiful cliffs, and incredibly blue water. I so, so wish I would describe the colors of the water to you. It is absolutely unreal and takes my breath away every time. 

By this time, we were getting hungry. I had planned to have lunch at this awesome cafe overlooking the bay and the cute red bridge. CLOSED. Freakin' gate blocking the driveway and everything. Disappointed would be an understatement. We had seen a couple of signs for cafes as we drove around the island. We turned at the first one we saw. Jake wasn't so sure about it, so we didn't stop. Come to fine out later, it was actually the salt factory with a delicious cafe at the top. Thanks a lot, Jake. Ok, I forgive him after the next place I dragged him to. I made him turn down another random road with a cafe sign. It was the cutest little cafe ever. We get inside, sit down, and the only menu item was soba with pig intestines. Yep, no thank you. We couldn't leave without getting anything, so I got a mango juice and Jake got a coke float. These really hit the spot after being out in the heat all day.

Cute little cafe

After this little cafe adventure, we drove back to the main island. As we were crossing over the bridge, I saw a small bridge to a small island. Of course my immediate reaction, "OOHHHH Jake look another island." He obliged and headed over the teeny tiny bridge onto an even tinier road. After what seemed like forever, the road deadended (is that a word? Well it is now) at a big wooden sign: Cave Ruins. I was down with that. We found the interesting old cave and then a path leading down to another private beach. Could this island get any cooler?

We ended the day at a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant down the street from us called Aloha. It was not Hawaiian food, if that's what you were thinking. This place was traditional Okinawan food and lots of it. 

Sunday was all about the errands and relaxing. We did hit up a new ramen place and it might be my new favorite restaurant! Ok, so I will probably say this anytime we try something new. The food here is seriously incredible, though. Supposedly, the Okinawan diet is one of the healthiest in the world. So that means I can eat as much ramen as I want?? I'm on board. I also have a new favorite store. It is like home depot and Walmart mixed together, but even better. You have to see it to understands it's wonderfulness. I have been about 4 times in the past week and I'm not done yet due to a curtain debacle involving me knowing zero Japanese. It may finally be resolved. 

yep, all for me

plus this, the "ladies" portion

Jake's ramen

Makeman, best store ever

And just like that, another weekend for the record books. Have I mentioned I love this place??

My weekly wishes for the Weekly Wishes linkup on The Nectar Collective:

Get back into a fitness routine: It has been so easy to make excuses. I did just move to a completely new country. I can't find bikram yoga, either. I need to just suck it up and get it done.

Get back into clean eating: Time to hop back on the green smoothie train. This is what I've missed most about eating clean. I can't wait to get back into a routine. 

Figure out this whole job situation: I hear jobs are kinda important for ya know, making a living. Better get on it. 

Have a fabulous week!

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  1. Great to meet you Miscellany Monday hop. I just love the beach photo with the pretty blue flowers in the foreground! It looks like you guys are really soaking up the Japan lifestyle. What an adventure! Now following! Have a magically Monday...or maybe it's now Tuesday on the other side of the earth. :D

  2. Awesome weekend pics Mackenzie! The hubs and I are considering Japan for our next station. I could totally get used to scenery like that!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  3. That hidden beach is gorgeous! I am so jealous that you can just find sea glass like that right on the beach!

  4. Wow - what an adventure!! Your pictures are beautiful . . . stopping by from Mingle Monday!

  5. that bathtub looks glorious!!! and these pictures... i just cannot get over them! so pretty!

  6. how fun! that hidden beach is gorgeous, and the morning glories... my favorite!! stopping by from misc. monday.

  7. These pictures are gorgeous. I've always wanted to visit Japan and here you get to live there. What do you think of the Japanese culture? Was it easy to adapt (perhaps I'll just read a few more of your blogs and those questions will be answered.)

  8. absolutely gorgeous views! pure paradise!

  9. Wow- what an exciting adventure! Your photos are so beautiful- it looks like an amazing country!

  10. Sounds like a fun weekend! How fun to find a hidden beach! All the food looks delicious!

  11. Gorgeous photos!

    Your bathtub..oh my. I'd live in that thing if I had a view like that! :)

  12. Gorgeous views and amazing food?? What more could you ask for!?

  13. Those are some amazing pictures. A beach vacation sounds nice right now.
    Those meals look delish!
    Good luck with job hunting and the rest of your goals.

  14. Okay I am officially jealous of that bathtub. I mean, seriously?

  15. The first thing I would do is jump in that bath also! So relaxing! Also your pictures are beautiful! Doing a giveaway today, go check it out :)

  16. The views are absolutely breathtaking! And the food. Omg.

  17. The view from your bathtub is absolutely amazing. I would never get out of the tub! And that hidden beach is breathtaking! I'd be there every day!

  18. Nomnom! Those Korean BBQ place looks so inviting. Food and travel are my thing!

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