Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Home Package

When I was doing research for our move, I found a wonderful idea. Sending a package to your new place before you move. For a few weeks before our move, I started collecting little items I thought I might want once we were in Okinawa. When we got our mailbox assignment, I sent us a package filled with these goodies. A week after we got here, I checked our box and there it was. It was so exciting to have a little piece of home! Some of the things I chose I thought I might not find here on the Island. 

  • Quinoa
  • Favorite Almond butter
  • candle
  • dog toy
  • hair accessories
  • Burts bees chapstick
  • razors
  • nail kit
  • toothpaste
  • dog treats
  • dog bones
  • new tervis tumbler with lid and extra straws
All of the stuff was very random, but it was all stuff I wouldn't neccessarily need in my suitcase. It was so fun to get this package and have some of my favorite things. The best thing, it only cost $14 to send it all the way here!

So here is an update on our Okinawa To-do list:

When you put it on paper, it really seems like we have gotten so much done! Now that we have a home and cars, we are starting to feel like this is where we belong. We are definitely ready for a routine and a fairly "normal" life. We still have a few things left to do before we are completely settled. I am working on finding a job. It is way easier said than done. Jobs for spouses here are few and far between. Wish me luck on my search! I have also not found a bikram studio. I may have to find a new fitness obsession.


  1. Love this idea! A friend did a similar thing for us when we got married an moved into our new home. It was so homey!

    So excited to be part of your blog now! Thanks for the button!

  2. That is so cute! A present to yourself :) Good job on checking things off your list!

  3. this is a brilliant idea!! and sounds like you are doing great with the to do list.

  4. Love this idea! Love the to do list also! You have done a lot in such a short amount of time!

  5. Great idea, for sure!!
    Glad you guys are settling in!

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