Monday, August 6, 2012

Our First Place

After Jake and I got married, we were living in my college house with my college roommates. It was fun while it lasted, but married people need their own space, not one room with the smallest closet that ever existed. Just imagine me, Jake, and Lexie all shmushed (apparently this isn't really a word, but I think it describes the situation well) into one room with tons of clothes and no storage space. We were also very eager to have a place we could make or own and use all of our new wedding gifts!

Figuring out our living situation was rough, though. I had already renewed my lease for the house because my roommates were staying and I had no idea when Jake would be leaving for training. Later, Jake and I found out he wouldn't be leaving until October and decided that it would be nice to have our own place instead of living in a house full of girls. So, the search began to find someone to take over my lease. I will spare you all of the details, but lets just say it was very stressful. This was mostly because it was likely I was going to be leaving Lexington in January and would be stuck paying my lease until August 2013. Finally, I found someone to take over my lease. Then it was on to the next stressful situation. Jake and I could not find somewhere to live that was in our price range and that would do a short term lease. After calling every apartment complex in the city of Lexington, our friend who lived in a one bedroom apartment wanted to move into a two bedroom, so he let us take over his lease. It worked out perfectly because the lease only goes until January, when we plan on moving to Virginia. This situation taught me that I need to not stress out so much and that things have a way of working themselves out.

All throughout college, I have been pretty lucky when it has come to living situations. I had awesome roommates and lived in places that were pretty nice for a college student. My freshman year, I lived in dorms that were fairly new and only had to share a bathroom with 3 other girls. Sophomore year, I lived in apartments that were only a year old and that seemed rather luxurious with nice furnishings and a resort style pool. Junior year, I moved into an old, but charming house close to campus with 4 Starbuddies (aka Starbucks coworkers/friends). I have learned so much about living on my own and about myself these past 3 years. I have made so many great memories with great friends and have created friendships that will last far past my college years. Now, Jake and I are living in our 450 square ft. apartment. It is weird going from living with girls and having people around all the time to living with a messy boy and it being just me and Lexie for the most part. It is weird to think that I will never live with just girls/friends again. Growing up is definitely a bittersweet experience.

I'm sure going to miss everyone and at times I know I will feel out of the loop, but Jake and I could not be any happier in our tiny apartment. We love spending time together sitting on our old, slipcovered couch watching netflix or snuggling with Lexie. We love being able to use all of our new wedding gifts and hanging pictures on the wall from our wedding. I have loved decorating, organizing, and cooking dinner as often as possible. I know it's corny, but if I have to grow up and have a grown up place, I'm glad it is with my very best friend.

Until next time,

J and M