Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Different Kind of Fall

Don't get me wrong, this island is beautiful and wonderful. I have always wanted to live in a tropical place because I hate the winter. I hate being cold. I hate wearing coats. I hate snow when it isn't Christmas. Bahhumbug, I know. One thing I will miss, though, is fall. While all of you post about the changing leaves, the smell in the air, and the fall activities, I will be over here wearing shorts and a tank top trying to keep the frizz in my hair and the sweat on my face under control. 

What will I miss about Fall in KY:

#1 The Outfits

I love boots. They are my absolute favorite thing to wear. They are such a fall staple and can be worn with any type of outfit. You can dress them up or down. You can wear them with a dress, jeans, or leggings. They are pretty much the most perfect item in a closet. 

Speaking of boots, if these could appear in my closet, that would be greatttt

I also love wearing leggings with baggy sweaters. It is pretty much like wearing pajamas in public without being socially unacceptable. The closest I will get to fall clothes is probably a sweater with a pair of shorts or boots with a dress in the middle of winter, if I get lucky.

#2 Pumpkin Goodies
Oh how I love anything pumpkin (minus Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Sorry PSL fanatics). Last year, I think I made a batch of pumpkin bars every week. I also made delicious pumpkin pancakes one morning. The other day I say pumpkin cream cheese on someone's instagram and got super excited for a minute. 

This is the pumpkin bar recipe I use. They always turn out super moist. I also put chocolate chips in them. TIP: If you add some flour to the chocolate chips before you put them in the batter, they won't sink to the bottom (Thanks Ina Garten for that one). 

#3 Changing Colors and Crisp Air

I love Kentucky in the Fall. The leaves change and the city lights up with oranges, reds, and yellows. You can drive out in the country and see all of the beautiful colors and the leaves floating through the air. The air has a slight chill and smells crisp and clean. 

I won't go into depth here because you already know how much I love a good football game from my other posts. We have been here less than a week and we are already bummed about missing our football games. We have tried to watch them, but between the TV/internet challenges and the time difference, it is nearly impossible. 

#5 Fall Activities
Picking pumpkins, carving pumpkins, corn mazes, drinking apple cider, haunted houses. I love em all

#6 Halloween
Many people I know hate this holiday. I happen to really enjoy it. Maybe it's my creative side, but I love thinking of costumes, especially couple ones. I have had some very fun halloweens the past couple of years! Who said halloween is for kids??
Cowboy and Indian

Greek God and Goddess

Forest Gump and Jenny
the year we were the Single Ladies video

Oh fall, I will miss you. I just have to remind myself that this is a new and different kind of fall, but it will be just as great!

I promise we have more to share about our adventures here in Japan. We found a house and a car and will be sharing that process very soon!

What are your favorite things about Fall?
Do you like dressing up for Halloween?
What is your favorite pumpkin recipe?
Do you have a Fall wardrobe staple?


  1. When I am able to finally let go of summer, I absolutely love fall! I think I will be doing some shopping this week to make me love it even more! :)

    1. It's hard to let go of summer. Even though fall is great, it means that winter is right around the corner. I wish I could go fall shopping! There is so much cute stuff out this year!

  2. I love fall for the fashion aspect. But I agree with you on the snow!! This will be my second winter in Alaska and I am not looking forward to the manual labor that is snow removal!

    1. I can't imagine how much snow Alaska gets during the winter!!

  3. i bet it will be very different! but it will be an adventure and you will definitely make new fall memories.

    1. I can't wait to see what fall traditions they have here! I know there is a tug o war festival in October.

  4. I absolutely love all of your Halloween consumes! And... seeing all of those pumpkins makes me want to go make pumpkin pie or something!

    1. Thank you! Thinking about pumpkin pie makes me wonder what Thanksgiving will be like here? I wonder if you can even find turkey haha


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