Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hello! Lots is going on over here in the Bell world. Jake left for TBS(marine officer training) in Quantico, VA. He is doing great! At times it is crazy, but he is adjusting and it is what he was meant to do. He has made some great friends so far and is enjoying learning and being a part of the Marine Corp. He is living in the barracks and eating in the chow hall right now, so I think he will be ready for me to be there. He is also scouting out Stafford(where we will be living) for us so that we will know all the good places to go. I finally have a job and we have an apartment and moving date, so I'm ready to be there. But for now, I'm just enjoying my time left in Lexington. It is hard at times, because I miss Jake. But, I've been throwing myself into student teaching and spending time with friends. The past two weekends, all of my wonderful friends have made such an effort to make sure I'm not lonely, and I am so thankful for them. It is going to be very hard to say goodbye! 

This weekend was filled with all of the important f', food, and friends. Friday started with a fun night downtown with Bailey and Julia at fun place called Wine and Market. It is a cute deli/bakery/wine shop here in Lexington. We had a cheese place with fruit preserves and then ended the meal with pistachio macaroons. This place has such a cool vibe a great tasting stuff. Cheese is probably my favorite food in the world, hands down. 

We finished the night listening to Lauren MInk, a Kentucky native who was on American Idol. She was absolutely amazing. I hope that someday her music career takes off, because she is truly talented. 

Saturday was filled with catching up with student teaching work and cleaning the apartment. That night, Bailey and Julia came over for a potluck type dinner and a movie. It was a very delicious evening. They brought over brie and apricot preserves wrapped in pastry (best thing I have EVER put in my mouth), stuffed mushrooms, and brushetta. I made some crusty bread and an apple crisp. I was very pleased with how my food turned out! I will be making apple crisp again very soon!

Sunday, my friends planned a potluck Thanksgiving dinner. There was soooo much food and I got to see some great friends I had not seen in awhile! I made a sweet potato casserole from a recipe from a friend in South Carolina. I feel in love with it the first time I tried it, and it is always a hit where ever it goes. I am even bringing it to Thanksgiving dinner! I was thankful for the opportunity to be with great friends, and to have an extra Thanksgiving dinner! Who says Thanksgiving should only be once a year!

I feel like I have so much to be thankful for this year. Great friends who are there when I need them, a rewarding career choice, an amazing student teaching placement, two wonderful families, a loving husband, a dog who always keeps me company, a cute little apartment that I call home, amazing opportunities in the future, and much more. Even though it will be hard to be away from my family during the holiday season, I am excited to spend time with my other family, and that Jake gets to come home!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Until next time,

J and M