Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Livin' for the Weekends

I know it is pretty sad to say that I am off work for the summer and yet I have still been living for the weekends. It isn't that the weekdays are so horrible, but weekends during the summer here are perfection! Trying new restaurants, exploring, hanging with friends, BBQs, laying on the beach, snorkeling, kayaking, and most importantly spending time with a cute boy and an even cuter dog. Summer, why must you be coming to an end??

Most weekends are spent on the beach. We can't resist on a perfect day.

If we don't spend the day at the beach, there is always time for Sunday walks on the nearby beach.

And walking down the street to get giant Hawaiian Shaved Ice.  The shaved ice here has sweetened condensed milk on top. They are so delicious. It is hard not to be addicted when there is a stand 2 minutes from our house. 

My personal favorite thing to do on weekends is to try new restaurants and visit old favorite. 

We found this amazing Hawaiian restaurant the other day. It might be our new favorite!

I went to lunch with a friends the other day at a cafe where no one spoke English, there wasn't and English Menu, and there were no pictures. We just pointed to something and hoped for the best. It ended up being really good and a great sampling of Okinawan food.

Our favorite bagel place with my favorite boy

And unfortunately, weekends are for chores and battling giant creatures who have made our home theirs. We woke up to the biggest spider in history in our sliding glass doorway. It was outside, thankfully, but I still couldn't breathe until it was dead. 

Jake battling the giant spider with a paddle

What do you love best about weekends?