Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We are being stalked by an alligator

Charleston is a beautiful place, as I have said so many times. It also has its quarks. Being in the lowcountry area of South Carolina, it has somewhat of a swampy feel. There is extreme humidity; basically being drenched in sweat and hair frizzing up as soon as you leave the house. Bugs are everywhere. Even the cleanest houses have cockroaches, which are endearingly referred to as "palmetto bugs" here. To me, a cockroach, is a cockroach, is a cockroach. The end. In general, there are all sorts of weird bugs flying and crawling around everywhere. If you walk anywhere, you will most likely come across a turtle or frog. Whenever it rains, water pools every where you look. You need rubber boots just to walk in your own backyard. I can deal with the humidity, the bugs, the water, but one thing I will never get used to: ALLIGATORS

When my parents moved here, I was so surprised to find out that alligators in your neighborhood ponds are not only common, but very likely. I thought it was wild the first time I saw an alligator out sunning itself right by the road leading to our house. Going on a walk and seeing a large alligator close to the path still gives me the heebie jeebies. 

Oh hey mr. alligator

This alligator thing has been taken to a whole new level and I don't think I like it. We have a pond behind the house, in which a medium sized alligator lives. You know, a completely normal thing to have in your backyard pond. I used to never see the alligator, until a few weeks ago. Now, I see him every morning. My parent's puppy (or 65 pound brown ball of energy), goes out every morning and sits near the pond and looks out. After awhile, the alligator would start coming over. The alligator must be pretty smart, because he sits right by the bank behind our house every single morning, waiting for the dogs to come out. He sometimes swims back and forth. So, YES, we are being stalked by an alligator. 

It's hard to tell, but you can see his little face sticking up in the water right by the reflection of the window.

Look how close the pond is to our house! The alligator could come into the yard at any minute. 

My mom has been calling around trying to get the alligator removed. Hopefully I will not have to report that the alligator ate our dogs.

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  1. That is a beautiful view of the water, though the alligator kind of ruins it :) I lived in a suburb of Houston growing up and our house backed up to a levee, so we always had frogs and turtles come up to visit us and take a break in our pool! We saw an alligator once though, I have no idea how they survive in a levee in the middle of the city! Also we have a few friends who just got to Okinawa..So many people we know PCS'ed there! Im sure it will be a fun journey :)

    1. California sounds amazing! Hope you are liking it! It is great to find someone who went through the same thing. I would have loved to have been in Jacksonville with my husband but it ended up working out so well being in Charleston. We got to see eachother almost every weekend! He graduated today so now we are reunited. It's nice to be back together but we have 3 more weeks of saying goodbye. I am so ready to just be over there!

  2. Wow! That's so crazy! My aunt once had a bear encounter in the back of her yard!

  3. That is rather frightening, but fascinating as well. Alligators are a worry because they are an immediate danger, but they are large enough creatures to pick up and put into a fitting habitat. Though I'm not sure if you can say the same thing about bugs. Not only is their spread a monumental concern, but also their size and bulk, which make it difficult to pick them out and ship them out at once. They can infest a structure and eat into it and to find that they are born into your climate is a problem as well. Make sure you do something about it and rein them out before they become an even bigger crisis. Anyway, the view is beautiful. Nice pictures!

    Alta Peng @ Liberty Pest Management


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