Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bikram Yoga Essentials

In honor of my last day at Bikram Yoga of Charleston (tear), I wanted to share some things that I think are essential for a hot yoga class.

It's no surprise that in 105 degree room, Bikram yoga is a hot mess. The right gear can make your experience that much better.

1. The Towel by Lululemon- This nonslip towel is great to throw over a mat to catch all of the sweat cascading from your body. It is absorbent and quick drying so you won't be laying in a pool of sweat during the floor series. 

2. Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Water Bottle by Hydro Flask- A well insulated water bottle is very important. When you are in a 105 degree room, nothing is more refreshing than ice cold water. From experience, I know that a plastic bottle won't stay cold for more than 5 minutes. 

3. Super Yoga Mat Wash- This is an antibacterial spray that cleans your mat without taking away the stickiness it needs to hold postures. There is nothing as gross as layers of sweat built up on your yoga mat. 

4. Boogie Short by Lululemon- Moisture-wicking, tight fitting clothes are the way to go for hot yoga. While these particular expensive shorts are not necessary, they sure are cute. 

5. Pilayo Braided Headband- I don't know about you, but my hair gets all over the place whenever I workout. This braided headband is perfect to keep your hair from getting all crazy and annoying. 

6. Free to Be Bra by Lululemon- I have tried this bra on and it's pretty great. Honestly, I can't justify spending that much on a BRA, so I guess I will just have to keep dreaming. This bra, as well as the Energy Bra, are moisture-wicking and very breathable; perfect for sweaty sessions of Bikram yoga. 

7. The Elite Hot Hybrid by Kulae- This mat is a hybrid between a cushy mat and an absorbent towel making it perfect for Bikram. I hate how thin towel mats are and how you have to put a towel over a regular mat, so this is the perfect compromise. 

8. Everything Fits Gym Bag by Gaiam- I need this right now. How perfect is this bag?? It holds all of your yoga gear, including your mat on the bottom. It has a breathable pocket on the outside for your smelly, sweaty clothes. 

9. Up and Up Cleansing Towelettes- These facewipes from Target are not only budget friendly, but the perfect facewipe. After trying every facewipe ever made, these are my favorite. They are not too soapy but they get the job done. Cleansing towelettes are perfect after a hot yoga session to clean your face and prevent breakouts. 

Now get out there and give em' your best Savasana!

Until next time, 


  1. Bikram yoga seems intense. I'm terrible at regular yoga, so I could only imagine how horrible I would be at that kind of temperature. It would be cool to try though!

    I just found your blog, and I actually lived in Okinawa when I was younger! My dad was in the Air Force, and I went to a little bit of elementary school there. I wish I could go back!

    1. I am not really good at going to the gym, so bikram ended up being a perfect fit for me! I am not super flexible, but bikram has helped a ton! You should definitely give it a try. You get used to the heat after awhile. It is rough during class, but you feel so amazing afterwards that it is so worth it.

      You lived in Okinawa?? That's awesome. We are so excited to go. We have heard noting but good things about it.

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