Monday, August 19, 2013

New Blog Design + Weekend

As you can see, I have a beautiful new blog design thanks to Marquis over at Simply Clarke. I figured I will be posting almost daily as we get closer to our move to Okinawa. I wanted a beautiful and organized space so everyone can enjoy keeping up with our adventures. Look for more posts about health, food, fashion, and PCSing (permanent change of station). Once we are in Okinawa, we will be posting about our daily life on the island. 

Many of you follow along via facebook. That is great, but I will be posting updates less often on facebook. In order to keep up with new posts, follow the blog! You can go to the sidebar where it says "followers" and either follow on bloglovin', Join This Site, or subscribe via email. I would love to know who is following along our journey with us. You can also follow Bell Bliss via twitter, instagram, or pinterest. Thanks!

Anyway, here is a quick snapshot of my weekend

1. My mom and I made Turkey Quinoa burgers with Greek Salad. The burgers were SO good. It was the perfect healthy meal. You can get the recipe for the burgers here. I kind of made up the Greek salad recipe and it turned out great so maybe I will post it on here soon. 

2. Saturday was rainy so my mom and I decided to head to the outlet mall. I of course, found stuff at my favorite store, J. Crew. I also splurged and got a new purse, something I never do. 

3. Saturday we went to the movies and saw Paranoia. It was a pretty good movie and Liam Hemsworth wasn't too bad to look at. I also sported my new sneakers. Yes, I finally made a decision (see this post on my sneaker dilemma). I got these at Target for $12! I know white will get dirty, but I really couldn't pass up the deal. Thanks for the tip, Sam!

4. Sunday we took our usual drive to the beach. It was super high tide, so it was kind of a difficult walk through the sticks and bushes, but the beach is always a great place to be. I would say I was going to miss the beach, but I am moving to a tropical island. 

5. I leave Charleston at the end of this week, so I started packing. This is pretty much all I have lived off of for the past 3 months. I am ready to be reunited with all of my stuff and not live out of a suitcase!

I can't believe this is my last week in Charleston. You can bet I will make every minute count! 

Until next time,


  1. The new blog design looks beautiful! Ps. splurging on a purse is good for you...especially when it's from Coach.

    1. Thanks Maegan! Haha you are right. My new purse will have to make its "blog debut" sometime soon haha

  2. I love the color scheme of your blog! Wow, this is making me regret my color choice of pink!

    1. Thank you! And your blog design is great. You really can't go wrong with pink.


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