Friday, November 22, 2013

High Five For Friday 11/22

I had a great week this week! It was pretty busy, which I enjoy. It was filled with shopping, field trips, lunch dates, and getting ready for the holidays!


I have been having the urge to shop lately so I thought I would go to the mall and walk around and check out some stores. I tried on a few things, but I really didn't like anything. The trend here right now is really long, baggy sweaters. It is 70 degrees, way too hot for full body sweaters. I did find one store I liked and bought a shirt. I really miss American stores, especially boutiques and J. Crew!

While I was trying stuff on, I was handed a paper mask to wear. It helps keep the clothes clean, which is super smart. Count on Japanese culture to do everything the smart way. I couldn't stop laughing every time I saw myself in the mirror, though.

Ignore the ugly sweater and check out my cute mask

My favorite store, A.V.V


I also did some shopping for our guest room. It is coming along nicely and I can't wait to get it finished. The store like Ikea here has some great stuff for good prices. I also discovered a new home store, called Living Design Square. It is an entire shopping center of furniture and home stores. I didn't find much, since most of the stuff was pricey, but it was fun to look!

I really wanted this, but at $700 it wasn't going to happen

Living Design Square


I met my friend for lunch at Transit Cafe on the seawall for lunch. It was a such a cute cafe and had a great view. The food was so good. I had been craving a salad since not many places have them here. 

Cheese Fondue

View from lunch


After lunch, we got pedicures at a famous salon, Cocok. You sit in big, comfy recliners that look out onto the ocean. They give you the most incredible massage for about 30 minutes. I did not want it to stop! Then, you pick a nail design from hundreds of pictures and sample nails. You can get flowers, shapes, jewels, sparkles, animal print, you name it. They free hand everything, which is incredible. It was totally worth $40! 

Just a few of the hundreds of options


My friend found flavored KitKats for me! She found me strawberry and purple sweet potato. They are SO good. I may or may not be eating some as we speak. Now I just need to find the passionfruit and mango. I love finding interesting treats here!

What a wonderful week! I have a fun weekend scheduled and exciting things happening, which I can't wait to share on Monday. Have a good one!

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  1. Haha that bag. A good idea but I feel like I couldn't tell if I liked something I was trying on with a bag on my head! Glad you found the Kit Kats.. interesting flavors!

  2. Oh my gosh that mask thing is scary! But kind of genius... I hate when I find a makeup spot on something at the store. It is disgusting!

  3. Count on the Japanese to have a scary mask for you to wear!! That's so creepy! The flavored Kit Kats made be good but they kind of gross me out!

  4. Haha the kit kats are amazing! They are totally my favorite candy!

  5. $40 is such a great deal for a massage and pedicure! Sounds so relaxing :) Did you get a fun design on your nails?

    Um that mask is hilarious, but so genious! I can't tell you how many times I try on a shirt or sweater and see someone's makeup smeared on the neckline who has tried it on before me - yuck!

  6. The face mask is genuis. Nobody wants to wear something with someone else's makeup on it.

  7. That face mask is crazy! A good idea, but isn't it suffocating?! Lol

  8. that is such a beautiful dresser! but boo for that price tag, its wood for crying out loud! HOW!

  9. Just dropping in from the Five on Friday link-up & I love your blog! So cool to see life in another country! I am a fellow Kentucky girl myself so I had to say Hi! Happy Weekend!

    Jen @ Frankly My Dear..

  10. Those nails are SO cool! Ahhh, KitKats are seriously my absolute favorite treat - I don't know how I feel about flavored ones! Have you ever seen the crazy different Pringles flavors? Google them if you haven't - there are some pretty weird flavors all around the world!!

  11. Hahaha that cracked me up about the bag over head thing! Also, I cant believe the flavoured Kitkats! Mind. Blown.

  12. The paper mask is both smart and totally hilarious!! I'm so glad you took a picture to share it with us!

  13. What a great week! I died laughing over that mask... Too funny!!

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