Friday, November 1, 2013


Hi there Friday! Overall it was a pretty good week. A few things happened that I am going to share at a later date (mostly having to do with restaurants I want to share in more detail in an individual post). Today I wanted to share some inspiration because I have been in desperate need of it this week.


It has been pouring rain here. And it's not even because of a typhoon! I am not sure if this is normal weather or if it is just extra raining lately. I have been searching for rain boot outfit inspiration since that is all I have been able to wear lately. I have this color(cafe latte) of Hunter boot and I thought this outfit was perfect! I'm sure Lexie wouldn't mind being part of my outfit. 


I'm not a huge fan of Halloween decorations. I think they can get super tacky and over the top at times. I do, however, love fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decor. I like to keep it simple and tasteful. I love the look of this DIY felt garland with the neutral stockings. I would love to make something similar this year if I can find the supplies!


I cannot wait to try this Kale White Bean Soup on a cold, rainy day (like today). It looks like the perfect meal to eat snuggled up in a cozy sweater. It is also nice and healthy!


I have been wanting to incorporate a little bit of home into our Okinawan house. I thought this print was simple and fun and captures the spirit of Kentucky. Ok, I will admit I am slightly homesick. 


I have been thinking about ideas for our guest bedroom. We have never had a guest bedroom before and I want it to be perfect so our visitors can enjoy their time here. I want to keep it light and airy, but I can't decide on a color palate. Somedays I want all neutral and other days I think blues and beachy would be the best. Occasionally I consider throwing coral into the mix. Whatever color palette we choose has to work with our light brown government furniture unfortunately. What do you think? Beachy? Neutral? Pop of color?

Hope you enjoyed this little piece of weekly inspiration. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I really wish my life looked a pinterest board! so pretty!

  2. I love that Kentucky print! Too bad they can't customize it-- I would love two stars on it (one for Owensboro, one for Murray!)

  3. I love all of the prints that have popped up lately that show state pride. We have a small wall dedicated to South Carolina in our house!

    As for the furniture, I would think neutral. Moving every few years with the military, you never know when a piece that you used in one room will be used in a different one in your next house!

  4. I love that print, we have a similar -one for Oregon, AZ and WA where we met- and I am all about the holiday decorations! I am kind of coveting that ball garland and might head to hobby lobby to try and find some and make one.

  5. Love all of this! I am so jealous of those hunter boots! Those are amazing!!

  6. hey to you! I like your blog.
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  7. Oh my goodness! Doesn't Pottery Barn bedding just make you want to rob a bank and furnish the whole house! Love all of those choices!

  8. Lovely pictures! Love your decorating ideas. As for bedrooms I like blue colors.
    Stopping by from "Friday Favorites". Following via Bloglovin.
    Have a great weekend :)
    Bismah @

  9. I love that red rain coat! So pretty! For your guest room, I vote beachy blue colors - after all you guys are basically living at the beach and it's so classic!

  10. I love that garland - not over the top but still fun! And those bedrooms! I'd like to move into one of them!

  11. I'm with you. Christmas is so my favorite holiday to decorate for! I think that simple garland is so cute!!

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