Monday, November 25, 2013

He's Home!

I don't know if you noticed, but Jake has been very absent in my posts lately and I have been using a lot of I's instead of we's. Nope, I haven't kicked him to the curb or anything. He has actually been up in mainland Japan for the past month for a training exercise. I didn't share this little tidbit on here for a couple of reasons. One, OPSEC, which basically means you shouldn't talk about things your military spouse is doing. This information wasn't top secret or anything, so the main reason I didn't share it was for my safety. I just felt like I would feel safer being alone in a new place/foreign country if the whole world didn't know I was alone. It may sound dumb and I will probably get over this in the future, but it was what was right for me at the moment.

Needless to say, after a month of being alone in a new country where I know very few people, I am glad to have Jake home. I did enjoy my time to make whatever meals I wanted and explore some things at my pace, but life is just better with your best friend by your side.

Jake enjoyed his view of Mt. Fuji for a month, but said he was excited to get home to his tropical island

Jake was originally scheduled to get back on Friday, so when I found out he wouldn't be home until Monday I thought the weekend would drag. It ended up being a fun weekend and went by fairly quickly. 

Friday I went to dinner with a friend at a local restaurant. We had fun talking, people watching, and looking at weird items on the extensive menu. Husband's are fun, but a girls night every once in awhile is so needed!

Since we stayed up super late talking, I slept in on Saturday. Then I found out Jake would be home Sunday, so I excitedly cleaned the house and prepared for his arrival. I also went to the grocery store and stumbled upon pumpkin spice soy milk. It is so good by itself, but is especially good in hot chocolate. I was surprised I found some as people here usually fight to the death for anything pumpkin spice. When I went back to the store the next day, all 10 cartons were gone so I guess I got lucky.

Sunday I decided to do some Christmas shopping at my favorite warehouse of stuff from all over the world. I found some great presents and lots of stuff I wanted to keep for myself. I personally hate Christmas shopping. I love to give presents, but I like to give presents I know the person is going to love. It is hard to find the perfect present, so I always end up feeling like I buy something just to have something to give. It felt good to get some shopping done in November instead of last minute like I usually do.

On my way home I found a cute oceanside cafe. I hadn't had a burger in over a year and I hadn't really been missing them much. For some reason, though, when I saw a burger on their menu, I wanted one more than anything. It was so good, but afterwards I didn't feel good and it helped remind me why I eat clean.

On my way home I saw it was low tide so I decided to go grab Lexie and take her to the beach. It was a beautiful evening and perfect for finding beach treasures. I found tons of sea glass, seashells, and drift wood. I don't think being able to walk down the road to the beach will ever get old.

When I got home from the beach, time started to drag. Jake was supposed to be home around 7, but his arrival got moved later and later and I didn't end up picking him up until 4:30 in the morning. It was kind of a bummer, but I am just glad for a long weekend coming up to have some time to spend together.

Speaking of, I am super excited for our first holiday oversees and trying to let the excitement drown out the sadness of being away from family for the first time. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving week and enjoys time with friends and family!

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  1. I would have done the same thing and not told anyone that I was alone! I even have a hard time telling people when I'm alone for an extended period of time even in the States! That pumpkin soy milk is one of my favorite fall items! It's also really yummy if you add it to oatmeal!

  2. Wow it's so pretty there! You're so lucky to get to experience that!

  3. YAY for yall's much anticipated reunion! Perfect timing before Thanksgiving...what a blessing!
    I totally relate to the long distance thing!!! 100%!
    Happy Monday, pretty wifey! xx

  4. I can't believe I've never seen that Silk Pumpkin Spice milk! I've been on a huge pumpkin kick this year and swore I had tried everything! So glad your husband is back! And I don't blame you for not saying anything, I wouldn't feel comfortable broadcasting that I was alone either. Have a great week!

  5. yay! so glad y'all are reunited!! that silk pumpkin spice milk looks divine!

  6. You are so smert not to mention him being out of town. Whenever I see friends on facebook who have check in at home before and then talk about their husbands being out of town, I have a slight heart attack. So happy that y'all are reunited for turkey day!

  7. So happy your partner is crime is back! I can't imagine the bravery it would take to be alone in Japan. I'm sure I'll have to experience it someday, but I'm hoping by then I'll know some bloggers in the are to hang with ;)

  8. YAY! I'm so happy that you have him back!! I bet it feels so great! I have never heard of the pumpkin spice soy milk so I will definitely be checking that out!

  9. I agree, your safety is super important! But I'm so glad you have your hubby back.

    That pic of Mount Fuji is breathtaking.

    I've heard from my cousin how hard it is to get things on the island. You have to stand in line just to get a Christmas tree. I'm glad you got your pumpkin spice. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

  10. So happy your hubby is home!!! Just in time for Thanksgiving!

  11. Wow living oversees must be incredible and hard. You are a strong girl to be married to a man in the military! I'm interested to see how your holidays are over in japan sounds exciting!!

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