Monday, March 10, 2014

The Good Kind of Tired

Let's cut to the chase today. I am tired. The kind of tired where you can't sleep because you are so tired. I'm not tired because of a a weekend full of exploring, fun activities, great food, and good company, like it usually is. I am tired because I spent approximately 20 hours surrounded by the four walls of my new classroom and the rest of the weekend hours thinking about said classroom.

Sorry I don't have my usual exciting things to share today, but this was my view all weekend.

I'm not sharing this to complain or to brag about how hard I worked, but for you to understand that my mind is somewhere besides this blog today. I honestly couldn't wait to spend the entire weekend organizing my first classroom. I am a ridiculously neat and organized person and I had this overwhelming feeling to organize the entire room and to give it a bit of feng shui. Thankfully, I accomplished just that. I now know where everything is and everything has a place. I still need to decorate, but I had to remind myself that I have to take care of more important matters first. Things needed to be clean, neat, and functional before the beautifying process can begin. I would love a beautifully decorated and themed classroom, but it's not that easy. There is no parent-teacher store here with unlimited supplies. I also don't want to pour tons of money into decorations when we are lacking in our classroom library department. I keep telling myself making things "cute" is not the number one priority. 

So this cuteness/organization happened, just to find out it doesn't actually fit full-sized pieces of paper. Okinawa dollar store fail.

This week I am trying to remind myself to take it one day at a time. I am trying to remind myself that not everything has to get done right away.  Even though my "to-do" lists just keeps growing, I am trying to take some breaks to relax. Surprisingly, I don't feel stressed. I finally learned how to deal with stressors in my life. I also enjoy being busy like this. I like working and seeing the fruits of my labor. There have been a few times where I have missed being able to stay at home and do fun projects, shop, eat at cool restaurants, and watch shows all day long, but this working thing fits me and it is what makes me happy.

So I'm tired, but it's the good tired. It is the kind of tired that comes from hard work and accomplishment. It is the tired that is self-created because all you want to do is cross things off your list. I will take the good tired. For now.


  1. Congrats on starting on your new classroom! How exciting :) I'm sure it's a lot to take on and being in a foreign country makes it all the more challenging. I'm excited to watch as your classroom grows!

  2. How exciting! :) I'm glad that even though you're (good) tired, you're not stressed. I'm working on managing my mine haha, I stress over everything!

  3. It looks great and is very organized. That always helps. Esp when you can find things and have a specific place for things. Maybe you cant sleep b/c you're excited. Just a thought tho.

    Would love you for to join the hops.

  4. Oh girl, I totally get where you're coming from right now. I spend so much time between the walls of my classroom that it feels like I should just sleep there sometimes. Good on you for getting all that work done!

  5. Yay! So fun! I also needed a little reminder to take one day at a time today, so thanks for that! :) (p.s. Those drawers are super cute, even if they don't fit full size paper!)

  6. Love your outlook on it all!! Tired is good, you earned tired from doing so much. Take a second to breathe and look at how much you've done!!! And how fun you have a classroom to decorate!

  7. Ok, I have to know: why are the kids' desks all backwards?


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