Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dr. Oz 3 Day Cleanse Review

I have been wanting to try a cleanse for over a year now. There is something about giving your body the wonderful things it needs and getting a refresh. I have been pinning them left and right lately. I thought it would be a perfect time to try one while I didn't have much going on and while Jake wasn't around to mess up my eating habits. I also thought it would be a great way to start off my 3 week, 3 meals a day, clean eating spree. I looked at all of the cleanses that I pinned, and this one looked the most affordable and the least crazy. Some required all sorts of weird ingredients or didn't sounds like enough food. I didn't need a juicer, my champ of a Black and Decker blender would work just fine. It also was very well organized with a nice little graphic, and I am quite the visual person. Honestly, I would have loved to do one where they give you all of the juices, but those aren't available for me here. 

DAY 1:

Breakfast- I was excited to start the cleanse. The tea started off my morning great. I didn't use the stevia, though. I made my first smoothie and it was great! Not as good as my normal green smoothie, but definitely drinkable. I also discovered the recipe makes a lot, which was nice.

Lunch- Yuck. I had heard this drink is gross, but I mean, it was GROSS. I don't like celery, so that was the first problem. The second was the texture. The recipe made an entire blender pitcher, and I only drank half.

Snack- I didn't end up eating a snack because I was not that hungry. I probably should have just drank one so I would have had enough energy to get me to the next drink.

Dinner- I loved this drink. It was my favorite one by far. The only problem was that the pepper burned my throat. I felt so good after this drink.

Day 2:

Breakfast- The tea and breakfast smoothie were a welcome treat when I woke up very hungry. I felt so wonderful after breakfast. 

Lunch- I wasn't that hungry by lunch, but I drank the second half of the lunch smoothie from the day before. It was a bit better after being refrigerated for awhile.

Snack- Oh wow, I needed this snack. I was hungry. I made the breakfast smoothie for a snack and it was awesome.

Dinner- I crashed in the afternoon, but the dinner smoothie made me feel great again. Yum! I would drink this smoothie on a regular basis, without the cayenne of course. 

Day 3:

Breakfast- I woke up hungry again but feeling refreshed.  Breakfast gave me a huge burst of energy. 

Lunch- It was a bit better, but I still couldn't drink the entire thing. I blended it for a LONG time to get a smoother texture. I have heard if you decrease the celery and peel the cucumber it is more manageable. 

Snack- I had the rest of the lunch smoothie. I know, I know. If you don't like the lunch, why didn't you make the other ones? I don't like to waste things, and it was already made, so I sucked it up.

Dinner- At this point I was feeling good and excited to be almost done with the cleanse(and ready to CHEW something wonderful the next day). I basically chugged this entire drink.


Cost- I bought everything on the list, plus some. I did already have some of the ingredients, but I wanted to stock up and I wanted to see what the price would be. The food aspect was around $65. This did not include the supplements, lavender oil, and salt, which are things that a lot of people already have. I didn't want to run out of everything, so I bought a lot. I bought about 3 bags of each kind of fruit. I ended up only use one blueberry, mango, and pineapple, and two raspberry, but I knew I would use them after the cleanse. I had to get frozen fruits because fresh berries are hard to get here. I had a ton of leftover ingredients in general, which is fine because I will use all of it. So I would say that you could get away with spending around $55. 

Hunger- Honestly, I wouldn't say that I was hungry. I craved real food. I wanted to eat things that were not all mixed together. With that said, I think it was just my body missing the act of eating. My body wanted to chew something. I thought the drinks were more than enough to keep me satisfied, but I was so excited when it was time to eat regular food again. It also showed me that I often eat out of boredom. I kept going to the fridge and looking in it and realizing I wasn't even hungry. Habits.

Weight Loss- By the end of the cleanse I had lost around 3 pounds, which wasn't a big deal because my weight fluctuates so much. My stomach was the flattest it has ever been by the end of the cleanse, though, so that made me very happy. 

Energy- After the breakfast and dinner drinks I had tons of energy. On the first two days I got a headache and completely crashed around 3:30. I had to take an hour nap. By the third day I didn't crash in the afternoon.

Dirty Deets- Cleanses sometimes get a bad wrap in this area. Some cleanses are supposed to completely clear out your intestines, which has you spending some time on the toilet. That is not what this cleanse is for. I did not find that my bathroom habits changed. I pee a lot as it is, so it was normal for me. 

Bath- Take the bath. Just do. It was fabulous and how often do you have an excuse to take a bath 3 days in a a row? I didn't get the lavender oil, though, and I wish that I had. 

Overall- I felt pretty good. It wasn't that far off from how I usually eat, just in a blended form. I wasn't too hungry, tired, or grumpy. The only part I didn't like was that I got a headache. 

After- The next day after the cleanse I woke up feeling really good. As much as I wanted to eat everything in sight, I found that I was less hungry the day after the cleanse and wasn't craving foods like I was during the cleanse. I continued to eat well, and ate raw fruits and veggies and a piece of fish the entire day. 

I am happy to say that this cleanse worked well for me and that I would do it again in a heartbeat. First of all, it was extremely doable. Many people say they couldn't do it, but you totally can. The ingredients are fairly normal, it is pretty straight forward, and you don't starve. It helped me practice my self-control and made me feel so refreshed. If you are considering doing it, go for it! I would definitely recommend doing it when you don't have a lot going on and temptations don't stand in your way. 


  1. hmm this is interesting! i really don't believe in cleanses BUT i would like to try this one since it seems pretty healthy!

  2. This I think was the first positive cleanse story I have heard so that I great for me as I am really interested in doing one.

  3. Sounds like this worked well for you! I shall definitely keep this in mind for future reference.

  4. I have wanted to do a cleanse for a long time!! I've been hoping you would review the cleanse. I would love to do a cleanse from Pressed Juicery, but the cost is ridiculous when I can easily make them at home. What I've wondered though, is what the smoothie is like the next day, if you don't finish it. Is it separated at all? Need reblended?

  5. I take a bubble bath every single night because I want to. That's my excuse :-P Great job for sticking with this. I bet your body feels great! I've been wanting to cleanse again for awhile. I just did two weeks ago and felt amazing and then hubs threw me off the wagon with a dinner out. How quickly I can fail.

  6. Awesome job!! I bet you feel amazing-would love to do this once I'm not breastfeeding any more!

  7. alright you've inspired me. I just told me roommate that we're doing this next week!

  8. I have this one pinned as well! It is definitely the most doable. I haven't gotten around to trying it out because I ended up doing a 10 day one. I am in the same boat as you though with getting distracted by significant others... I will wait until his next business try to try it out! Would love to do it "together" to stay motivated! Maybe we can plan something. Great job sticking with it!

  9. Interesting... It was good seeing a "real" review on it! Thanks!

  10. This is great!! I think I might try this once i am no longer nursing a baby ;)

  11. This was really helpful and one of the best reviews of the Dr. Oz cleanse that I've read. I've contemplated doing it, and since I'm cutting back on caffeine and sweets during Lent it will be a good time. I won't have as many temptations.

  12. Ohhh!! I think I want to try this cleanse. I've been wanting to do one for years, but never seemed to find one that appeal to me. I think this one is the right for me.

  13. I was so happy to find this review! I have been thinking a lot about doing a cleanse and this Dr. Oz one kept popping up. I was a little hesitant to try it though because I haven't seen a whole lot of reviews on whether or not it worked. Thank you so much for posting this, I will definitely be giving it a try!! :)

    One question..did you workout at all during this? I am trying to work out every morning, nothing too intense just some cardio since I'm at a desk all day, but am not sure if it's a good idea to work out since I will not be consuming that many calories on this cleanse..

    Thanks so much!


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