Monday, March 31, 2014


So my last post was a rant about Lexington and UK, but before I get into my weekend, can I just say that UK played some mighty fine basketball this weekend. I don't care who your team is or if you even like basketball, both games this weekend were so interesting to watch. It didn't hurt that we are now on our way to the final four. I did have to wake up at 6 AM and go into work to watch the game, but I'm not complaining.

On Friday we had a field trip to Okinawa World, a place that is an assortment of Okinawan-based attractions. It is interesting to see how the life of an American child in the school system is so different, interesting, and rich in Okinawa. At Okinawa world there is a cave, habu (snake) museum, snake show, souvenir shop, brewery, Eisa performances, and garden. Yeah, it kind of seemed like a random assortment of things. My favorite part was the Eisa show. They had traditional dress, drums, instruments, and dance. It was so entertaining, but unfortunately they did not allow photos. I also actually like snakes, so the snake museum and show was interesting to see. The kids got to take their pictures with a python over their shoulders or holding a small snake.

Field trips are absolutely exhausting. It was so fun and the kids really enjoyed it, but I was worn out. I had to take a nap as soon as I got home. That evening, I met up with some friends to celebrate my friend's birthday. We went to one of our favorite restaurants. We had such a fun time talking and hanging out. I sure do miss Jake, but girl time has been so fun. How is it that girls can talk for hours and hours on end?

How cute is this dolphin cake?? I didn't make it, I'm not that talented. 

Happy birthday friend!

Saturday I watched the Cats play and then went into my class to work for a bit. One of these days, I won't work at all on the weekend. But that weekend was not this one. I have eaten out about 2 times total in the past month and I haven't been making all of the recipes that I had wanted to while Jake is gone. We have a Thai place that is right down the street from our house. Jake won't eat Thai after his food poisoning our last day in Thailand, so I decided I should try it before he gets back. I walked in to see if they had take out, and within 10 minutes I had ordered and was out the door. They were so kind and friendly. They even gave me a bowl of pineapple to eat while I waited. I really love the restaurants here. I got the basil chicken and it was delicious. I want to go back to Thailand!

This coming weekend my friend and I are going on our trip to Ishigaki Island! So on Sunday we decided to go down to the outlets for a little shopping. If you are like me and stopped shopping at Gap for awhile because of their bland clothes, do yourself a favor and start shopping their again. There stuff has been so cute lately and has such a J.Crew vibe. I like shopping way more than is necessary, but I don't shop that often anymore, so I have to take advantage when I do.

Sunday evening I took Lexie for beach walk. The weather is finally starting to be consistently warm. I thought that it would be very warm at this point in the year, but many places in the States are warmer than it is here. I thought I was moving to an always warm tropical island! I hope the weather is good on our trip this weekend! I just need to make it through this week and then I am onto our trip and Spring Break!

I know things have been a bit boring around here lately, but thank you for sticking around with me during this crazy adjustment time. I promise lots more exciting adventures are coming!


  1. Ha, I visited Okinawa world too - that place really is a world assortment of things. Love that cake too! :)

  2. How about them Wildcats!? So proud of them. :)

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