Friday, February 7, 2014

High Five For Friday 02/07

Nothing too exciting going on here this week. I worked the whole week and ended the week feeling exhausted. I guess I'm still adjusting to being busy again.

I subbed at the high school one day this week. It was fun to get a little bit of a different perspective and deal with different issues besides hitting, untied shoes, and booboos. It was so funny to remember how high schoolers act. I had forgotten how flirtatious they are, flirting with each other every chance they get. I also forgot how they are always trying to act cool or be funny. It made me kind of miss high school, where a math test or who was dating who was the biggest problem.

Here's a little gem from our high school days. I can't until our future children are going to prom and we can show them this picture. 

I got this super cute journal for christmas. I filled up my last one, so I was excited to finally get this one out. It makes my little list-loving heart happy!

It was disappointing that after a week of perfect weather, we went back to cold and rainy. I guess I can't complain with all that is going on with the weather in the states. Lexie had been getting daily walks, so she was sad it was so rainy this week. I even found her lying next to my tennis shoes. 

Jake and I finally tried the southern food grill on one of the bases on the island. We thought we would never get sick of the food here, but we finally were ready for some good ole' American food. We were in heaven! The mac and cheese and mashed potatoes and gravy were fabulous. Jake had the ribs and he was just so happy he inhaled every bite. We definitely make an effort to try out local restaurants and eat local foods, but sometimes we just need a southern comfort meal. 

Meal complete with mason jar


Lastly, thank you SO much to all of those who made the link-up on Wednesday such a success. I absolutely loved reading everyones' posts. It made me so happy to see everyone in the link-up visiting and commenting on each others blogs. It reminded me why I love the blogging community so much.

Bell Bliss

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Your new journal you got for Christmas is so pretty!

  2. Homemade mac and cheese is my favorite comfort food! I am so ready for the rainy cold days to be gone and the pretty days of summer to arrive.

  3. Found you from the High Five link up! Your blog is so cute! Can't wait to see what you post next :) Happy Friday!

  4. Oh how I love list-making too! Your new journal is super cute!! ...maybe not as cute as that prom picture though!! So sweet :) Have a fantastic weekend ahead :)

  5. Your high school photo is so cute!! I'm sure your future kids will love it!!
    Claire xx | somewhere... beyond the sea

  6. That comfort food is making my mouth water! I know how you feel, I miss it!! So glad you are having fun subbing, now enjoy a nice and relaxing weekend!

  7. That journal is too cute- I love it! Happy Friday!

  8. Your new journal is so cute!

  9. High school students are intense! That takes a special kind of sub. Good for you!

  10. As I eat my granola bar for lunch, I am so jealous of your wrap and mac and cheese picture. Also, that journal is adorable!

  11. Oh you two have the sweetest prom picture!!! And it's so great you found some comfort food to remind you of home (it looks yummy by the way). :)

  12. if you love bbq, you've GOT to try Sauce restaurant on the 58 by Lester. Just went there a couple nights ago. I usually don't like ribs, but these ones were just SO DANG GOOD. cute blog btw!

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