Friday, February 21, 2014

High Five For Friday 2/21

This week flew by thanks to the lovely 3 day weekend! Monday was quite an adventure and if you follow on twitter you may been able to guess what happened.

We finally made it to the steak house near our base we have been hearing about. We had been wanting to go for lunch since it was half the price as dinner, so a day off was the perfect time. The steakhouses here are the typical Japanese steak house you find in the states. They cook the food in front of you on a large grill. The only difference is that the food is 10 times better. Jake and I both got the steak set. It came with soup, salad, rice, and vegetables. It has turned into our new favorite restaurant! 

So on twitter I had posted a picture of our little mishap the other day. Jake loves to off-road, like I have said before. He is always looking for trails to take his car on. The other day we were walking on the beach and he saw tire tracks. He decided it was a good idea to drive his car around on the beach. Everything was going great, until we were getting ready to leave and we heard a loud noise. Sure enough, Jake's tire had popped. We had a spare, but the car is a 98', so the lug nuts were rusted on. Thanks to help from the friends we were with, they were able to get the tire changed. Lesson learned? I don't think so. 

And here are some pictures of our fun Monday before the tire fiasco happened 

And this is what we ate this week
Sunday: Hotdogs and s'mores (give us a break, we were camping)
Monday: Pork Loin, mashed cauliflower, carrots
Tuesday: Salmon and grilled cabbage
Wednesday: Grilled chicken and mac and cheese quinoa
Thursday: pork chop quinoa pasta (aka random things thrown in a pot)

I tweeted that there are some exciting things happening over this way in my real life and my blogging life. I don't mean to be a tease, but I will share soon enough!!

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  1. Oh no!! About the flat tire. That's never fun but it's a good thing they managed to get the spare on!
    And I wanted to just mention that your elephant riding adventure made its way to a mention in my blog post today!

  2. I'm glad they were able to change the tire!! And those last few pictures are so pretty.

  3. I can't wait to find out your exciting news!

  4. Glad everything turned out okay!! Great pre-tire fiasco snapshots ;) Have a lovely weekend!!

  5. A popped tire! Oh no! Looks like y'all had fun! Thanks for linking up!

  6. glad you got it figured out! p.s. your blog is adorable!!

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