Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A long, jam-packed weekend

This weekend felt like it lasted forever, and I am certainly not complaining. Not only did Jake have Monday off, but he has today off as well! I wasn't around these blogging parts until this morning because we fit as much as we possibly could into those few short days. We have friends who just arrived on the island and we wanted to show them all the great things this place has to offer.

Friday was my first day off all week and so I spent the entire day running errands, cleaning, and getting rid of the weeds taking over our yard. They were so thick and tall, I woke up extremely sore the next morning. I think that means I need to get into the gym. Friday evening I somehow convinced Jake to help me finish up our guest room. I am SO in love with it and can't wait for friends and family to come visit us. I shared a little sneak peak on instagram. I can't wait to share the before and after soon!

Prints found here

Saturday we hung around the house for a little bit and then did a bit of shopping, visited a cute cafe right by our house, and took Lexie to the beach.

This was the view from the cafe

Saturday evening we headed down to a friend's house for a cookout. The food was great and it was so much fun the spend some time with friends. It was such a fun evening!

Love these girls! Wish we could have gotten a picture with all the girls before they left!

Our friends stayed with us Saturday night because they didn't have any furniture in their place yet. Saturday morning I cooked a big breakfast and then we got ready and headed out for the day. We took them to our favorite $1 sushi-go-round and then did some thrift shopping. We also showed them a few of our favorite places to shop. We ran across some puppies for sale and I fell in love with a poodle. They don't shed and after our war on dog fur, this puppy was looking cuter and cuter! But at $1,000, Jake wouldn't let me bring him home.

We finished the afternoon with a bit of furniture shopping and then headed home for lasagna and movies.

Jake actually had to work Monday morning but was home in time for breakfast and to spend the rest of the day off. On his day off he really wanted to go 4wheelin'. We picked up our friends and took them to get soba at our favorite marketplace. 

Soba is thicker and straighter than a ramen noodle

We then went to look for the 4wheelin' trails Jake had heard about. We ran across an interesting hand-fishing stream with lots of fish and then finally found some trails. It wasn't anything too crazy or wild, but it was fun!

These guys were brave enough to go on our 4wheelin' adventure

Once we were done, we headed to Maeda flats where it was super low tide. I was wearing my Hunter boots so I was able to walk around in the tide pools and see tons of interesting sea creatures. Have I mentioned how much I love living on this island? 1,000 times? You're right.

Never knew these boots would come in handy at the ocean!

Before we headed to a cookout to end our adventurous day, we stopped by Manzamo point. It was so pretty!

What an incredible weekend! 


  1. Does your car have the steering wheel on the right? Was it hard to learn how to drive from the "passenger" seat?

  2. What gorgeous scenery! Those soba noodles look amazing

  3. Love all of the creatures at the ocean! My Hunters have come in handy at unexpected times as well!

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