Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We are moving to Okinawa

Konnichiwa friends and family!

Jake received his orders the other day and we are headed to Okinawa, Japan for 3 years. Yes, we are nervous, but we are so excited! Our wonderful friends, the Grey's are headed there as well, so we are thrilled!

A few weeks ago, Jake found out that he will be a logistics officer in the Marine Corps. A logistics officer ensures the infantry has everything they need to complete missions. It was not his top choice, but he is still very excited and knows that it is a very important job in the Marine Corps. This week, we received our orders, which tell us exactly where we need to go. Jake will graduate from TBS May 29th (it's coming up SO fast). Then, he reports to logistics school June 2nd in Camp Leguene. NC. While Jake is at logistics school, I will be staying with my parents in Charleston, SC. Words cannot even explain how excited I am for this. I am married and graduated from college and will be living with me parents, but honestly I couldn't be happier. I will get to hang out in my favorite city all summer and get to spend lots of QT with my parents before being abroad for 3 years. Charleston is within a few hours of Camp Lejeune, so Jake and I can see each other on weekends. I will also be close to one of my very best friends, Sarah, who I haven't seen in a year who lives in Savannah, Georgia. (Can you tell I'm excited to be in Charleston).

Anyway, Jake will graduate from logistics school August 21st. We will then have a few weeks of vacation and getting ready to leave. We have to be in Okinawa no later than September 20th. So, that gives Jake a month to have a break, see friends and family, and get to Japan. There is SO much to do before then. We have to have all of our stuff ready to be packed in crates to go to Japan before the end of this month. Talk about a short deadline. Luckily, Jake and I don't have much stuff so it won't be too hard to get everything together. Another awesome thing, I don't have to pack one box. After moving around so much in college and packing completely on my own to move to Virginia, this fact makes me grin ear to ear. YAY for moving companies!

So you might be wondering, where is Okinawa...

This gives you a pretty good idea where it is (the red star). It is an island 400 miles south of mainland Japan. Of course, we plan to take every opportunity to travel to places around Okinawa. I already have a million places on my must see list. We have 3 years, I hope we can fit everything in!

In case you were wondering what Okinawa looks like

This is not an exaggeration, that's exactly what it looks like. We will be living on a beautiful tropical island for 3 years?? I'm not complaining. We will be sad to be so far away from family and friends and we know it might be quite the culture shock, but we would be crazy not to be over the moon about this once in a lifetime opportunity. Of course, we will be keeping up with our blog so stayed tuned for many exciting posts ahead!!

Until next time, 

J and M


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