Thursday, May 23, 2013


Y'all, I did it! I finished my 5k! Did I make my goal of 25 minutes, no. But honestly I think that was a bit of an unrealistic goal. I am just not ready to run consistently at that pace. I did, however, run it in 26:34. I am pretty proud of that. I do think I could have done better. I definitely could have paced myself  better, but I got a little to excited and I felt great at the beginning of the race. I also think I could have done better if I own up to my asthma and actually used an inhaler. But I am not going to sell myself short. I set a goal, I worked towards it consistently, and I got pretty darn close. That is a win in my book. Do I consider myself a runner now? Not by any stretch of the imagination. I do have a new appreciation for overall health and the benefits of exercise and eating healthy. Will I run a 5k again? Most definitely. It was a great experience. I had a blast running it with my sister and it also benefited the Semper Fi Fund, which is an organization I really care about. So thanks Meg for encouraging me to do it. And thank you to all of my other supporters out there who listened to me complain and encouraged me to keep going. I know a 5k doesn't sound like a great accomplishment, but for me it's a little bit like getting a gold medal, even if it did take me 4 whole months to train. I'm thinking there won't be any marathons in my future. I will leave those up to my dad.

Want to learn about the Semper Fi Fund? You will find information here.


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