Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Crazy Dog People

Yes, we are those crazy dog people and we are not scared to admit it.

With a face like this, how could we not be??
I think our friends and family would have to agree. We talk to her like she knows what we are saying, which she does. When Jake goes to the store, he gets treats for her instead of me. We take her on adventures as much as possible. We live for the days we can sleep in and snuggle with her. A typical dinner conversation consists of what she we think she is thinking or what she would say if she could talk. Every time we leave, Jake has to say goodbye to her for at least 5 minutes.

Anyway, the point of this blog post isn't to talk about how crazy we are or how cute Lexie is, but to share a funny but weird happening. Lexie has always been a hoarder. When she was a puppy, she had a nest under my bed where she would keep lots of weird things like wrappers and clothing. Last year, she started an even weirder habit. Whenever I left, she would put my shoes on the bed. It freaked me out at first, because I thought she was going to chew my shoes, but she never has. To this day, without fail, when I get home, my shoes are on the bed. Now, it's mostly Jake's flip flops he leaves around the apartment. I am not sure why she does it. I researched it, and discovered shoes hold a lot of our personal scent. I am guessing she misses us when we leave and likes to snuggle and smell our shoes. Now, she even puts Jake's flip flops on the bed when I am home. I walk in the room and she is on the bed, snuggling one of Jake's shoes. Jake and I have considered calling an animal psychic to figure out why she does it, but I guess we will just always have to wonder.

Don't believe me?

Yep, she's weird. I guess we are just one little, weird family.

Until next time,
J and M (and L)


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