Saturday, October 13, 2012

Feeling Fall

Today was the perfect fall day. In the morning, it was crisp and cool. The afternoon was warm and sunny. The leaves are changing and the air smells fresh and cool. Mmmmm, I love fall more than anything. Fall means a fresh start. Fall means tailgates, football, Keeneland, and holidays. Fall means delicious food and family time. Fall means cozy sweaters and cute boots. What could be better??

We have been in full on fall mode at the Bell house (or 420 sq. ft. apartment). The scentsy is filled with whipped pumpkin or baked apple pie. We've stopped by the neighborhood grow shop for pumpkins and mums.

We've taken walks among the changing leaves. 
We opted to paint, rather than carve.

We've baked pumpkin goodies.

We've sipped hot chocolate.

We've munched on candy corn.

We've donned our UK blue and Cowboys tees to cheer on our teams.

And what says fall more than apples??
I'm on a quest to find my favorite type. I will let you know how it goes. 

If only it could stay fall forever...

Until next time,
J and M

OH YEAH- This week is my student teaching solo week...wish me luck!


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