Monday, June 16, 2014

I owe you an explanation

I'm still here, despite my unexpected hiatus. I kept telling myself that I don't need to apologize or give an explanation because this blog is my own space. But that isn't true. I do owe all of my readers and apology after they have been so dedicated to this space of mine. The explanation is pretty easy. My life got very hectic and this blog seemed more like a chore than something I enjoy. I was coming home at night exhausted and it would take a lot of effort to even cook dinner and keep the house somewhat clean. Those teachers out there will probably understand, teaching can be a very demanding job, and the situation I was in didn't make it much easier. I was loving it and had great comfort in knowing that teaching really is my calling, but I struggled to balance life for awhile. Balancing a busy life is a hard thing, and sometimes things get put on the back burner. In my case, many things, like exercise, cleaning, and this blog.

The main reason I stopped posting is because I promised myself when I started this blog that I never wanted to force anything. I wanted to want to post every time I posted. I wanted to only post when I had an original idea or felt like I had something worth sharing. For a long time, especially when I wasn't working full time, I always felt like I had something to share and inspiration was flowing. Once I started working, my creativity, inspiration, and passion was going towards a new outlet. Whenever I would sit down to write a post, I would be at a loss for words. Slowly, I stopped even sitting down to write.

Well, now it's summer and my hectic life has somewhat slowed. I am excited to get my life back into a normal, working order. I have resumed my normal workouts, the house is starting to look like civilized human beings live there, and here I am posting on this blog. I'm not sure what exactly the future of this blog looks like, but I know I will be stopping by more often than I have been. I still want to document our life here and I especially want to document our latest and upcoming travels. I feel like I have so much left to share and hope that Bell Bliss continues to be the space that I always wanted it to be. So here is to a new chapter in the life of Bell Bliss. Hope you stick around!


  1. Sometimes life can become so busy and overwhelming so it's good to take a break. Ive done that before too!

  2. Life happens! But how great that you were able to return to this space when you felt like you had something to say. I think that is so much more honest and relatable, than just posting to post!

  3. Breaks are incredibly good for the soul sometimes, whether they are intentional or not. xoxo

  4. Don't be sorry! I was the same way when I started my new job. Blogging breaks are so helpful! So glad to have you back!

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