Thursday, April 3, 2014


As my Thailand trip recaps come to a close, I am antsy to start planning our next trip. Unfortunately, besides my trip this weekend to a neighboring island, we don't have any plans in the works. I am having serious wanderlust and can't stop thinking about all of the places I want to go! I have been to the three places at the tops of my bucket list, Thailand, Paris and Greece, but it seems like my bucket list seems to grow every single day.

The trips that are on the top of my list while we live in this part of the world:

-Kyoto and Osaka
-New Zealand

We had all these dreams of traveling all the time while we are here, but that just doesn't seem as feasible as we thought it would be. Between the money and the leave time, the chances of getting to all of these places is looking slimmer and slimmer. We will most definitely get to some of them, but I have to realize I can't have all of my dream trips.

I decided to ask some of my March sponsors where they would travel if they could go anywhere in the world. They had some pretty awesome answers.

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Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?


  1. The water in your first photo is so clear! What a gorgeous spot. Keep dreaming and travel planning - you have lots of years ahead to tick these places off your list :)
    Claire xx | somewhere... beyond the sea

  2. I've been suffering from Wanderlust big time lately! I'm ready to pack my suitcase and GO!

  3. My bucket list keeps getting longer, too! I've been in Europe for a year and while I've gone to so many places, I feel like I add a destination every day to my list. Right now I'm really wanting to travel to Greece!

  4. Thanks for having me :) I love your photos of Greece!

  5. I am actually headed to Belize next week and have plans to see the Northern Lights from Jasper Park in Canada this fall. I am really trying to find unique experiences that are not a whole lot of money to travel to. I am also finding the older I get, the more I love traveling within the United States.

  6. Such an appropriate title..I'm antsy to travel after this post!

  7. If you need an escort to the places on your bucket list I'm happy to volunteer!

  8. The wanderlust is the hardest...I want to go EVERYWHERE! But there is this little thing called Love these pictures....makes me want to be somewhere warm and sunny :)

  9. Glad I stumbled across your blog today (from LIY's sidebar) - and thanks to you, I now want to go on, tomorrow! ha. You know you've taken good pictures when you make someone wanna pack up and go right away. ha. Anyways, I'm excited to be following along and can't wait to check out your sponsors :) I'm just browsing this lovely Friday afternoon making new friends, so come say hi if you can! :) Happy Friday!


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