Friday, December 6, 2013

High Five For Friday 12/6

I had every intention of posting my typical Friday post last week, but it didn't happen due to the fact I was wrapped up in the holiday and Jake being home. And sleeping. It was kind of my priority. But here I am back this week for another Friday post.

Monday I was bound and determined to finish my Christmas shopping. I headed over to a little place called American Village. This place is super popular for locals, just like we like going to Vegas and checking out Italy at The Venetian and France at The Paris. I learned that here they LOVE to decorate for Christmas. I have never seen so many lights and Santas. It was fun to feel the holiday spirit and get some shopping done. When I stumbled on a fro-yo place, I about passed out. I didn't realize how much I had been missing it. To top it off, they had my favorite flavor of all eternity, pomegranate raspberry. I figured fro-yo would make an acceptable lunch.

fro-yo  complete with dragonfruit and Okinawan cookie

Just one small example of the Christmas decor


On Tuesday I shared why I hate Christmas shopping. I am happy to announce that as of December 2nd, I have finished ALL of my shopping and sent everything off. And I kind of enjoyed it. Seriously, it has to be some sort of miracle. I am usually always rushing around at the last second. I guess when you don't have the luxury of waiting until the last minute, you get it done. And I did it way within my projected budget. Wins all around.

Just enjoying some online gift shopping while burning my favorite candle and using my favorite mug, It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

Yesterday, Sarah posted about the things she can't seem to find. She kind of hit the nail on the head with things I can't find, no matter how hard I try. I am always in search of perfect nail and lipstick colors. I have an idea in mind of what colors I want, but when I buy them and bring them home, I hate them. It's not like you can open every lipstick and try it. And I just don't have to money to buy tons to try. Also, I have been really struggling in the jean department lately. Jeans have never fit me that well due to my lack of a backside, but since losing weight my jeans REALLY don't fit. I have been looking for a perfect pair that fits me like a glove with no success. What's the secret people??

I did find the perfect pink/purple I was looking for thanks to Pinterest. Why is the car always the perfect place for selfies??

Sorry to be a downer, but I had to share this sad story. We have had a stray dog living on our front porch. He was so cute and friendly. He was always excited to see me, which is probably my favorite thing about dogs in general. He had a collar, but people here have "pets" and let them wander around outside on their own. He was part blind, so he probably just wandered too far away from his home. Unfortunately, there was no way for us to find his home and were afraid to turn him in as they would just put him down. Our neighbors even tried to adopt him out on Facebook. I would feed him everyday, because he was sticking around anyway and I didn't want him to suffer if he didn't have to. I hadn't seen him for a couple of days so I asked my neighbor where he was. She told me she thinks he was hit by a car, because a little Okinawan girl was holding him wrapped in a blanket on the side of the road. I wasn't surprised since we live on a very busy road and he was half blind, but I was crushed by this. Yes, stray dogs can be kind of annoying and I would get mad when he would jump on me and beg for food every time I left the house. But, I was getting used to the little guy and he was very sweet. I hope no more stray animals show up because my heart can't handle a third. 

Ok, I'm done being negative. Last week, I was watching The X Factor and saw One Direction perform.  I hadn't known much about them except for a few songs they sing. I had no clue they were discovered on The X Factor and that they are super talented. They performed their new song, Story of My Life and I fell in love. It is such a good song and not super boy-bandy. Even though I can appreciate a good boy-band thanks to NSYNC and BSB. So now I am super intrigued by 1D and even watched a Netflix documentary. Not ashamed, they are interesting and talented people (and really cute if I wasn't older than them, which makes me feel old). 

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  1. So sorry to hear about the stray, it's so hard to lose a dog whether or not it's your "own". Congrats on being done with Christmas shopping! That's a good feeling. Have a great weekend!

  2. That froyo looks amaze! Sorry about the puppy :( I'm glad we have no strays around here or else I would be heartbroken a lot!

  3. Jealous you've finished up your shopping! I really need to get a move on mine!

  4. Poor puppy! He was/is adorable!! =( I love the lip color you found.

    P.s. the natural light is the key to the perfect selfie.. What better place than a car?!

    Found you on the link up.

    Jill @

  5. Aw, so sorry about the little dog. He looks just precious!

  6. I am beyond jealous that you have your Christmas shopping done! My husband STILL hasn't even given me his list. At this point, he is probably getting whatever I buy him, haha! Umm, I am so glad you talked about One Direction Story of my Life...I am OBSESSED with that song and was starting to feel a little bit like a cougar. Glad it's not just me! And I will probably now spend my night watching the One Direction documentary...

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