Friday, October 18, 2013

High Five For Friday 10/18

Hello Friday!


I decided to take advantage of the Columbus day sales going on and did a bit of online shopping. I am usually not a big online shopper, but with J.Crew, I know my sizes in each style and who can resist 50% off everything?? My shopping cart was up to 13 items at one point, but I somehow managed to get it down to 3. Old Navy had some cute stuff for great prices as well, but I only got a few things seeing as they gave me cash back to shop later. I am a sucker for marketing ploys. 

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On Tuesday I dropped by the post office and found 4 packages waiting on me! It was seriously like Christmas. Packages are always excited, but for some reason living in another country makes it 10 times as great. 

I got my Tory Burch purchase finally! Ok, it might just be a phone case and not a beautiful new pair of riding boots, but it made me pretty happy. 

I won the very first giveaway I ever entered. It was on My Sweet Savannah and it was a gift card to Olive Lane Paper and Gifts. I had been waiting for a phone case I loved to be restocked but never did so I ordered all of this fabulous stuff. I've worn the necklace two times already and love it!

My very sweet friend Sam sent me this package as a surprise. She knew I was missing fall back in the states and sent me some fall goodies as well as some cute stuff! It was such a wonderful surprise! 

The other day I found an awesome store right down the street. I thought it would be like a Goodwill because it is called the reuse store. The bottom floor had used furniture, home stuff, electronics, etc. It wasn't goodwill quality, though, it was almost like new. The top floor was all clothes, shoes, etc. I would compare it to a very nice, organized version of Plato's closet. They had some cute stuff, but Jake was impatient  wanted to go do other things so I didn't get to browse much. I did find a super cool retro looking Patagonia pullover, which happens to be my favorite item of clothing, for only $20. I didn't get it, though, because Jake pointed out I probably wouldn't have many opportunities to wear it over the next 3 years. 


Yesterday's post I talked about my field trip to the Yomitan Pottery Village and the Zakimi Castle Ruins. I found a great place to put my dish I got from the pottery village and it is getting some great use.


I started running again. It took putting on my UK shorts and socks to get even slightly motivated.

Running is a struggle for me. You can read about my struggle here, here, here, and here. This spring, I had started running and even finished a 5k. As always, my running started to fizzle out. This summer I discovered bikram yoga and never looked back. I hardly ran all summer. Now that I don't have a bikram studio to go to (sad face) I have been trying to get to the gym. Since I've been here I've gone to zumba once. My goal is to get into running again, but we will see how it goes. If anyone has any tips for people who hate running, feel free to share them.

Jake and I have some exciting plans for the weekend! I hope the weather is good and that everything goes as planned. 

Do you have any fun weekend plans? Did you do any Columbus day shopping? Any running tips?

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  1. I love those pieces you picked out from J. Crew! And yay for new phone cases. They always make you feel like a new person. Also, I'm glad you got some pumpkin and fall treats!

  2. hey precious! just found you from the linkup and started following along...hooray!!

    i definitely took advantage of that jcrew sale last week too! ;) and what a steal with that patagonia sweater!!! so snuggly. i love it! great find.


  3. The top number 4 is very cute:) I often shop online...think it is so easy.

  4. Stopping by from the link up! I hate running too!! The only thing that helps me is a really good playlist and running intervals because I can focus on when to switch up the speed or incline rather than how much longer I have to run! I did some serious Columbus Day shopping too.. J. Crew Factory always gets me!! haha

  5. I just started running again today! My goal is a 5K... one day. Happy to be a new follower!

  6. That reuse store sounds really awesome! I love stores like that.

    And I love your UK shorts and socks! Kentucky pride!!


  7. I definitely adore your phone case . It's greenish green :)
    Noor's Place

  8. I also absolutely love getting packages in the mail! Your fall care package from your friend looks so sweet and such a nice reminder of home. Hope you all had a great weekend!


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