Friday, July 26, 2013

Livin' Life

Hello from the West coast! I am currently in Oregon visiting my Mom's side of the family. We are having an amazing time and I can't wait to post about all of the fun things we are doing. Until then, I thought I would share a few things I've been up to the last few weeks.

Disclaimer: If you are sick of looking at my amazing pictures of beautiful beaches and amazing sunsets, stop reading.

I feel like every weekend I have down in SC and NC are ones to remember. I guess that's what you get when you live by the beach. Even the littlest things are turned into a fun adventure.

One night my mom and I took the dogs for a walk to the crab dock just in time for this beautiful sunset.

Last Friday we decided to go on a beach picnic in the evening. I decided to make this recipe accompanied by chicken satay with a peanut yogurt sauce. YUM. You have to try this summer salad. It was so fresh and filling without overdoing it. I will be making it again very soon!
If you make this recipe, definitely follow her method of cooking the ears of corn. It turned out really well and was very easy, especially if you hate shucking corn like me. I actually used the sweet white corn instead of yellow corn and I LOVED it. 

We packed up our picnic and beach chairs and headed down to Isle of Palm. It was perfect weather. It was the kind of weather where you can't stop saying, "Wow, it's a beautiful night" even though you've said it a million times. Beautiful weather in Charleston isn't usually out of the ordinary, but lately there have been quite a few grey days. It rained 30 of 42 days at one point. 

It could not have been a more perfect evening. I've decided beach picnics are where it's at. You get the atmosphere without paying the price of expensive restaurant food. Win-Win.

Like I said, perfect evening

Saturday I hopped in the car to meet Jake in Wilmington. As hard as we try to not see each other on the weekend to save a little cash, we can't stay away. I guess it's pretty normal to want to see your spouse. We had planned to meet at the beach, but when we got there (after sitting in crazy lines of traffic) it was raining and there was no parking. Total buzz kill. Luckily we had a plan B. We headed to our riverfront hotel to lay by the pool. It actually wasn't raining there. The hotel was beautiful and had an amazing view of the river and the USS North Carolina. After the pool, we cleaned up and headed to dinner with friends on the waterfront.

Mr. Micah Tate with his bucket of Oysters

Sunday, Jake and I went to the mall to get me some new sunglasses and then went to check out the USS North Carolina. It was a beautiful ship and it was fun the learn the history behind it.

Like all other weekends, Sunday afternoon came and Jake and I had to say goodbye. Fortunately, we have less than a month until we won't be in a LDR(long-distance relationship) anymore. Not only that, but in a month and a half, we will be headed to LIVE in Japan. Pretty crazy.

Until next time,

J and M


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