Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Post About Jake

Originally, this blog was supposed to be about Jake and I and our adventures as newlyweds. The main purpose was to keep friends and family updated with out life while we are far away. As expected, I pretty much took over and posted about things that interest me.

So what exactly is Jake up to anyway?? I asked him if he wanted to write this post, but he said no. So this is what Jake is doing, according to Mackenzie. Sorry Jake if this wasn't what you had in mind. 

If you didn't know, Jake is currently at The Basic School (TBS) for the United States Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia. No, it is not basic training. It is an intensive 6 month program that teaches newly commissioned officers the ins and outs of the Marine Corp and how to be an officer. Jake had to go through a long process to get here. He applied in 2010, was chosen by a board based on his gpa, physical fitness, and moral code and then went to a 10 week course called Officer Candidate School during the summer 0f 2011. This 10 weeks is meant to weed out the qualified from the not so qualified. Once he made it through  this course, he waited until he graduated from college, and then commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant in March 2012. 

After the long, tiring process, he arrived at TBS this last November. I had to finish up school, and then joined him at the end of December. So what has he been doing at TBS??

Shooting lots of guns

Workin' on his fitness

LOTS and LOTS of hiking (you don't want to see his feet)

Eating lots of yummy MREs

Sleeping outside

Getting gassed

Riding in helicopters

Being very cold

Hanging with his buddies

And being pretty dang cute if you ask me

I've enjoyed watching Jake learn and succeed. He has been working so hard and I know he is looking forward to being done with the early mornings and late evenings studying. We have met lots of great people and have been thoroughly enjoying our time here in Virginia. At the end of this week we find out where we will be headed next when Jake graduates from TBS in May. It is exciting and nerve racking, but this has been an awesome adventure so far and we can't wait to see where our life in the Marine Corps takes us. I know we will never forget our first move away from home and I know Jake will never forget the months he spent in the dirty barracks and highlands of Quantico with some great friends, even if it was a bumpy ride. 

Stayed tuned for our big announcement of where we are off to next!

Until next time,

J and M


  1. loved reading this! lots of great pictures! Cindy


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