Friday, March 8, 2013

Favorite Beauty Products

Throughout most of my life, I have never really cared about beauty products. I have always just used what my mom or sister used and most of the time, what was cheapest. I didn't think using nice products made that much of a difference. I never really even paid attention to see if the products I was using actually worked. In the past year and half or so, I have decided to give a bit more attention to products that I use. I have done lots of research online. I like to read beauty blogs and vlogs to see which products people recommend. I have learned quite a bit in this process. I have learned that there are certain products that are worth splurging on. I have also learned that there are some things out there that the cheaper version is just as great as the expensive version. And most importantly, I have learned that most products work differently for everyone. A face wash that works great for one person, may not work as well for another.

I have decided to share with you the products that I have tried and absolutely love. These are all products that I've noticed have really worked for me and have worked better than all other versions I have tried.

The first product is Cetaphil face wash. This is one product that I have been using for years. I haven't always had the most perfect skin. I have tried every single face wash at the drugstore, and this one is by far the best. After a few days of using it, I started to see fewer and fewer breakouts. It is a very gentle cleanser and is geared towards all skin types. I have very normal skin, but it works well for oily or dry skin types as well. It is expensive for a drugstore face wash, but it is worth every penny. It comes in a large container and lasts Jake and I almost 6 months. It also goes on sale quite often. I have seen it at different places from $10 to $14.

I also discovered another face wash that I love, but don't buy very often. My friend Sarah gave me a bridal set of Philosophy beauty products at my bridal shower. I used the Purity face wash and the Hope in a Jar moisturizer a couple of months leading up to my wedding. I honestly felt like I had the most glowing, beautiful skin during this time. If I could, I would use these products every single day. But, for a 32 oz. bottle of face wash, it is $50 and an 8 oz. tub of lotion is $115. I may just have to splurge on these items for special occasions. 

Another product I have been using for a long time is the Bare Minerals original foundation. On my 17th birthday, my mom and I went shopping and decided to try it out. The girls at the store gave me a makeover, and I fell in love. My mom bought me the starter kit as a birthday present and I haven't looked back since. Before I had used bulky liquids and creams that I caked on my blemishes. This foundation gives me all over lightweight coverage. It barely feels like I'm wearing any makeup at all. It has always had the perfect amount of coverage for me, and can even be used as concealer. It comes in lots of different shades and they now have a matte version. It is a bit pricey at $27, but one jar lasts me almost 6 months. I also like to use the Bare Minerals bronzer, warmth. I used to use sparkly, too orange bronzer. Now I just use a bit of the warmth and feel like I have the perfect glow. It lasts about 6 months as well and is $19. You can buy Bare Mineral products at Ulta, Sephora, online, or at a Bare Minerals store. 

I also use the foundation primer by Bare Minerals. I have tried a few different primers and found that this one works SO WELL. It makes my face so smooth before I apply my foundation and also helps my makeup last all day. I used to not even use a primer, but I have found that primers really do make a difference. This primer is $23 for a 1 oz bottle. I have not tried the neutralizing, brightening, or oil control, so I can't say if those are as good. 

My next product is a blush. I used to to be very scared of blush. I thought it was to make your cheeks a bright, overwhelming pink and that was it. I decided it was time to give blush a shot, so I did some research. The top selling blush in the U.S. is orgasm by Nars. I went to Sephora to try it, and agreed. Then, I saw that it was $28. Sorry, but I wasn't about to spend that much when I realized how much I could buy with $28. I wasn't even sure if I liked blush yet. Then, I ran across a "dupe" website, that gives drugstore dupes for high end products. I discovered a product called luminous by Milani. I found it at CVS for $8.29. I love it! It is almost exactly the same as the Nars version. I say the only difference is that the luminous might not last as long. I am now sold on blush and don't know how I ever went without it.

I also used to not wear mascara. If you know me, you know I have ridiculously long eyelashes. I thought if I used mascara, my eyelashes would take over. I now use mascara everyday, even if it is the only makeup I put on. I realized that mascara makes me look more awake and if anything, keeps my giant eyelashes from going in my eyes. I have tried lots of different mascaras. There are tons of opinions out there about which ones are the best. I honestly had never found one that I loved. Recently, though, I started using voluminous by L'oreal. It is amazing! It doesn't make my eyelashes look like spiders and it doesn't clump. Clumping is a serious issue for me when it comes to mascara so this is a big deal. It also has a curved brush that helps my eyelashes stay curled upwards and out of my eyes. Another great thing is that it is only $5!

The last product that I love is a hair product. Honestly, hair products are kind of an area I haven't done much research or trail and error with yet. Mostly, because I HATE spending money on expensive hair products. Also, my hair is boring and straight and I don't think all of the hair products in the world could change that. It also doesn't hold curl, which I have found cannot be changed by hair products either. But, I do have an issue with fly aways. It constantly look like I've been shocked, my hair sticking out in every direction at my part. I have found the After Party by Bed Head works great. It is a bit pricey at $14, but if you have a fly away problem like me, it's worth it. I'm not going to lie to you, I ran out awhile ago and haven't felt like splurging to get more, but I will eventually. Maybe I will even start trying out some other hair products.

I hope you try some of these products out and like them as much as I do. Are there any products you couldn't live without??

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  1. Hard Candy...Surprisingly at Walmart and extremely reasonable in price makes a good concealer "Glamoflauge" comes in a few shades but doubles as a really good eye shadow primer!

    They used to sell hard candy at Sephora!
    So in my opinion as a make-up artist...Their loss is our gain!

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