Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tourists for the day

Thursday was the perfect day. The kind of day that you want to live over and over again. Jake and I decided to be spontaneous while we had the time. We were both eager to see the sites around our new home. We decided to do a day trip up to DC. We got in the car Thursday morning and headed that direction. We saw the sign for the metro station and decided it was a good idea. We bought a day pass for the metro and studied the metro map. Fortunately, I have had some experience with metros before and was able to get us around. We first hopped off near George Washington University. The first place we saw was Whole Foods, so of course we had to stop. It was by far the most amazing Whole Foods I have ever seen. It might sound weird, but I thought it was truly beautiful. The food displays were set up very neatly and appealing. They had a coffee shop, bakery, and cafe on the top floor, and a grocery store on the bottom floor. I wanted to stay forever. Next, we headed down toward the Lincoln memorial. I had already seen this area during my last visit, but it is something definitely worth seeing more than once. We walked around past the Vietnam War memorial, past the reflection pool, then to the WWII memorial. We then headed toward the White House. We were confused as to why they were building all sorts of things around the White House, until we realized the inauguration parade is coming up. We then went to a small tavern for lunch. We had amazing sandwiches and french fries. After, we hopped back on the metro and explored Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan. We held hands, walked, enjoyed the sights, talked, and laughed. There is so much to see in DC. We enjoyed all of the historical sights as well as the simple sights such as interesting looking restaurants. At this point, we were exhausted, but we decided to stop in Old Town Alexandria on our way back. We LOVED it. It is very similar to Charleston. Old sidewalks and buildings, charm, cute stores and restaurants, historic sights. Jake and I have already been back since then and plan on going back often.

WWII memorial. First time using the panoramic feature on my iphone. 

The Capitol Building from the harbor in Alexandria

King Street

Such a perfect day. Now, it is time to go back to the real world. Jake goes back to work tomorrow and I start my new job. I guess we can't be spontaneous tourists every day. 

Until next time,

J and M


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