Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I have been avoiding the news since Friday. I know that I can't hide from the horrific things that are happening in our world today, but this tragedy is too much for me to handle. I cannot even fathom what would cause someone to do such a thing. As a teacher, I cringe just imaging being in this situation. I know many of us are trying to make sense of this horrible act, so I wanted to share this sweet tribute to the victims from The Voice.

Today, I wanted to bring happiness back to my soul and share my wonderful experience with my 25 wonderful 2nd graders during my student teaching. I had heard stories about student teaching, good and bad. Some people say it was a wonderful experience that prepared them for their teaching career, while others said that it was a horrible experience that made them realize they did not want to be a teacher. I am happy to say, my student teaching was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I was very lucky to be placed in a great school, with a fabulous cooperating teacher, and with students who were a challenge at times, but sweet beyond words. I have discovered that teaching is a very challenging, but rewarding career. I have also realized that it is without a doubt the career for me. There was not one single day that I dreaded getting up at 6 am to go teach. I loved seeing the kids improve every day and learn to love school. My students taught me so much, and I hope that I was able to teach them everything that I could. It was so hard to say goodbye, but I know that it is time to move on to other things and to touch the lives of many other children in the future. I will never forget my student teaching experience and the sweet children I was able to teach. 

My cooperating teacher had the students make and ABC book for me as a goodbye present. Each student had a letter where they wrote a sentence about me with that letter and drew a picture. It was such a sweet gift and will be a great reminder of my time at GSE. My students also brought in lots of gifts on my last day. They gave me earrings, mugs, candy, supplies, ornaments, and tons and tons of cards. Children can be so kind and generous. 

 I found this idea on pinterest and loved it! I decided to recreate it to give to my cooperating teacher. I thought it turned out pretty well!

I gave these snowmen ornaments to each of my students. They turned out very cute, but were SO time consuming. I personalized each one, in hopes that the students will keep them for years to come and remember how much they loved school this year. 

I gave these to the students during a lesson on capitalization. Super cute, but also very time consuming. 

Last student teaching bulletin board

Even though it was hard to say goodbye, it is exciting to finally be a college graduate! I would not trade being a wildcat for anything. I had a great college job, we won a national championship in basketball, I found the perfect career path, and I have made so many memories that I will never forget. Thank you to all the people who made my time at UK one to remember. GO CATS

until next time,



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